Endeavour 2018


Small Union Jack 100g @ £6.00 – 500g @ £25.00  
Small USA Flag 3.5oz @ $7.64* – 17.6oz @ $31.83*

Endeavour is a new wonderfully citrusy hop that is creating a lot of interest and excitement. It has blackcurrant and loganberry aromas with grapefruit and lime citrus flavours in the background. It is a complex hop that has proven itself at St Austell and Marstons as well as with American craft brewers.

Customer comment: ‘Excellent quality’

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Endeavour is still on farm trial and is hard to get hold of as it has not been released for commercial growing yet. It is a cross between Cascade and a low trellis Hop. It has good storage stability.

Flavour and Aroma
Complex blackcurrant, loganberry and spice notes best describe Endeavour’s aroma, with a wonderful grapefruit and lime flavour. It is gentler than Cascade.

Bittering Characteristics
With what’s been brewed so far, well rounded and fruity is a good description of its bittering characteristics.

Flavour Intensity

Analysis – 
Alpha acid: Leaf – 9.88% Pellets – 8.9%
Beta acid: 3.8-5.3%
Co-Humulone: 30-36%
Total oils: 1.1-1.7%
Humulene: 3-10%
Myrcene: 27-37%
Farnesene: 5-8%