GP 75 Experimental


Small Union Jack 100g @ £7.50 / 500g @ £34.00 

Small USA Flag 3.5oz @ $9.71* / 17.5oz @ $44.03*

The hop is out of the British Hop collection and was originally from a cross in 1978 between 19/73/3 (a grand-daughter of OR55) and male 321 (a seedling of Neomex). It is wilt tolerant.

Every year we grow some new hop varieties as we are always seeking something NEW, something different and something the market has not seen before! This is how Endeavour and Jester started on our farm. We selected GP75 on it’s aroma have a small amount for homebrewers. We have very limited quantities.  Please let us know what you think.

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Aromas- very pungent grapefruit, lime & citrus  

Aroma score – at least 9/10

Analysis – This is limited, however the following results are;

Alpha Acid: 6.6%

Beta Acid: 5.1%

Co-Humulone: 47%


100g/3.5oz – Leaf, 500g/17.6oz – Leaf