Target – 2020


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Target is a robust hop with an excellent intense aroma, well regarded as an aroma hop for late hopping or dry hopping and used effectively as a bittering hop too. It has wonderful aromas of sage, pine and citrus and is well regarded by master and craft brewers in the USA and UK.

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Target is a cousin of Challenger and has developed to become a widely grown and established English Hop variety.

Flavour and Aroma
Target has excellent, intense aromas of sage, citrus and a spicy undertone in flavour.

Bittering Characteristics
Sharp and assertive.

Flavour Intensity

Analysis – 
Alpha acid: Leaf – 11.74% –  Pellets 11.5%

Beta acid: 4.0-5.7%
Co-Humulone: 37%
Total Oils: 1.2-1.8%
Myrcene: 45%
Humulene: 17%
Farnesene: Trace