Cider Apples

Our High Integrity Dabinett Apple Concentrate is made using 100% Dabinett Apples. Our concentrate has full provenance and can be traced back to individual orchards. For further details, visit the website here.

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At Stocks Farm, we grow two varieties of cider apples – Harry Masters and Dabinett Apples. These apples are harvested mechanically and are delivered directly to the processing plants in October and November each year for pressing.

Dabinett: The Dabinett has small, yellow-green fruit flecked red. The flesh is greenish and aromatic. It’s flavour is classed as ‘bittersweet’.  The tree is relatively small and spreading habit.  It also has a high resistance to apple scab.

Harry Masters: This is a vintage cider apple, which means you can get a full bodied cider using just the juice of the fruit. It’s flavour is classed as ‘bittersweet’, like most classic West Country ciders.  The tree is good for smaller spaces, as it is quite slow growing and doesn’t spread much.