Customer Comments

On each hop variety page we have included ‘recent customer comments’. These are all taken from an anonymous survey conducted at the beginning of 2016. The survey was sent via email to all of our HomeBrew Hops customers. We received a brilliant response to the survey and as a result, decided to post some of our favourite comments on our website & social media platforms. If you have any comments you would like to share with us, please email us at or telephone, 01886 884 202 as we would love to hear from you.

The comments:

‘The quality and freshness of the hops is outstanding and at a good price. Will not hesitate to buy from them again.’

‘Excellent quality.’

‘Keep up the good work.’

‘Good quality hops, it’s nice to buy directly from a family run business.’

‘I think the package looks great.’

‘Very happy.’

‘It’s fantastic to see the pride and effort going into growing and developing British Hops given the years of decline.’

‘Hops in very good condition, mostly cones. I’m very impressed.’

I was looking for a good source for quality and fresh hops, directly from the producer, and that’s exactly what I found.’

And for the variety GP75 & Jester: ‘This hop will go far.’, ‘More Jester PLEASE!’, ‘Great hop, buzzing with aroma, picked and packed in peak condition. Great aroma and flavour.  Just what I was looking for, something new.’