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At Stocks Farm we grow over 100 acres of British Hops, making us one of the largest hop producers in England. We produce enough hops to brew about 46 million pints of beer. We are the only farm in Britain selling our Hops direct to Homebrewers via this website.

We grow hops on two different growing systems: tall hops (above) and low trellis hops (being harvested by our red Pattenden harvester in the photo below). We produce 5 tall varieties: Pilgrim, Target, Phoenix, Goldings, Jester®; and 3 hedgerow varieties: First Gold, Sovereign and Endeavour.

We work closely with The British Hop Association and Wye Hops to identify new English hop varieties with potential for the future.

Harvesting the hops

Hops are a perennial crop, the plants grow back again the following year. They emerge in March and by July the plant is fully grown. In late July/early August they come into “burr” and 3 weeks later they come into hop. We begin harvesting in the first week of September and hop picking tends to take 4-5 weeks to complete.

When picking the hops, we work hard to eliminate leaf, strig and string, so that only the hop flower is dried and baled. For more information about the hop growing year explore The British Hops website.

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 Various journalists have visited the farm, to see and listen to some of the interviews about hop harvesting with Ali Capper.  Click on the links below.

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  • Nicola Goodwin  BBC Radio Hfd & Worcs interviewed James Hawkins (a fellow grower) and Ali Capper in September 2012 to discuss the 2012 crop and British Hop aromas.  Please click here
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  •  To find out more about the British Hop industry, please visit the British Hop Association website at www.britishhops.org.uk and to see the British Hop Harvest in action.


hopwalk-drying    hopwalk-bruff    hops on the machine    BRUFF HOP PICKING MACHINE    

Hop Walk 2015 – Charles Faram invited approximately 350 brewers & beer writers to the seminar at the Farm.  The photos below were taken by the guests on the day.  In 2017, the Hop Walk was attended by approximately 400 brewers and beer writers from around the world to listen to speakers from the UK, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany and USA reporting on the Hop Crop.  Everyone then walked through the hop yards, saw the picking machines in action and observed the drying and baling process in the hop kiln.  Following the formalities, over 200 visitors also managed to stay and try a range of different beers in The Unity Brewhouse on the farm!

Hop-innovation-seminars-02a-300x225     hopwalk-paul corbett    tast and feel the hops