Sovereign Green Hop Ale

Homebrewer – John Baker


Batch size: 23 litres

Boil size: 30 litres

Boil time: 60 minutes

Full Mash

Mash time: 90 mins

Mash temperatature: 67°C

Efficiency (assumed): 75%

Colour: 11.2° SRM

Bitterness: 32.3 IBU

Alcohol: 4.4 ABV

Grain Bill-

Maris Otter: 4.0 kg   (90%)

Pale Crystal (30L):   0.4 kg   (9%)

Midnight Wheat – US (550L):   0.05kg (1%)

Total Grain Bill: 5 kg


Target dried leaf hops: 30 grams for 60 minutes

Sovereign green hops:   60 grams for 15 minutes

Sovereign green hops:   60 grams for 5 minutes

Sovereign green hops:   60 grams at flameout; then steep for 20 minutes before chilling wort

Note: This recipe was based on a conventional recipe using dried leaf hops, however using five times the dried leaf hop quantities normally used. I brewed this beer the day after collecting my 200grams of green hops from Stocks Farm. I hung the hops in my garage overnight and when I weighed them I had a total of 180 grams. I assume that they had “lost” some of their natural moisture content. So my learning from this is to brew as quickly as possible after collecting my hops.


Fermentis Safale S-04 UK

Other Ingredients

One Protofloc tablet: 15 minutes before end of boil