Goldings – 2023


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A quintessential British Hop, our Goldings is a delicious example of the gentle aromas that British heritage hops produce. The aroma notes are floral, lemon balm, slightly spicy and honey. Goldings is good for bittering and late hopping and particularly good in combination with Fuggle.

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The quintessential heritage variety from England that is famous all over the world.

Flavour and Aroma
The aroma notes include lemon balm, orange, grapefruit, floral, slightly spicy, earthy and honey.

Bittering Characteristics
Goldings is sweet, smooth and honey-like.

Flavour Intensity

Analysis – 
Alpha acid: Leaf – 4.52%  Pellets – 5.02%

Beta acid:  1.9-3.0%
Co-Humulone: 25-30%
Total oils: 0.4-0.8%
Humulene:  36%
Myrcene: 25%
Farnesene: Trace