Charles Faram International Hop Awards – 2023 Results!

The Charles Faram International Hop Awards are about recognising the commitment excellence of growers in the UK, USA, Czechia and Germany in the Hop Development Program, Charles Faram’s fast-moving hop breeding initiative, that concentrates on new flavours, disease resistance, improved yields, and environmental sustainability. This year the awards have been especially exciting in highlighting the consistency and successful formula for hop growing and quality across all aspects of the breeding project. 

Besides winning the awards, the growers are given in-depth feedback from the judges. The judging panel consisted of twenty-one eminent international head brewers, who were asked to consider a range of desirable characteristics that they look for and to judge aroma and quality. The results are an excellent way to benchmark best practices and raise overall quality across all farms. 

We’re delighted to have received several awards this year:

  • Silver award for our Harlequin® Hops in the Commercial Hop Variety category.
  • Silver award for our Harlequin® Hops in the Harlequin® Cup
  • Silver award for our Olicana® Hops in the Olicana® Cup

More details can be found about this year’s competition by watching the video above, or clicking this link.

Award Winning Harlequin® and Olicana® Hops can be purchased from our shop.